Tuesday, August 6, 2013

La Sportiva Pamir

La Sportiva Pamir Gore-tex
La Sportiva Pamir, post Xueshan.

"Take care of your feet, and your feet will take care of you!"

These words were drummed into my head during national service and my instructors did such a good job that it has never left my being till this day.  This heavy duty, well constructed and super-stable offering from revered mountain sports giant, La Sportiva, definitely took care of mine during my Xue Shan trek. A high quality leather and Gore-tex lined upper, paired with a reliable Vibram sole, made light work of Xue Shan's upper trails which consisted of scree the size of televisions and small cars. The lacing system is also amazing: the fourth highest eyelet will automatically cinch down as you pull the laces up, allowing you to finish off tying your laces without having to maintain tension at the same time.

Vibram Sasslong Hiking Boots
Vibram Sasslong outsole.

The Vibram Sasslong rubber outsole proved to really grippy on the trail and the padded, high-cut upper saved my ankles when I slipped on a patch of icy grass. These boots are indeed on the heavy side and work well when you are carrying a heavy pack. I tried using these boots for work in the forest, but they are a bit hot and heavy for Singapore's weather. Still, the support and traction they provide is currently the best I have experienced in any boot so far. These are pricey boots, as expected from the heritage and quality that La Sportiva is known for. I bought these from Campers Corner  and managed to get a discount through a friend. Overall, these are great boots and are built for heavy duty backpacking and technical trails. 

La Sportiva Pamir Gore-tex lining, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
On home soil in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

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