Sunday, July 3, 2016

Gear Review: Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek (SJ) Vest 2.0

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek (SJ) Vest 2.0. Singapore
Rear of the vest. Small zippered pockets along the bottom "wings" of the vest offer spacious and secure but slightly inaccessible storage.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek (SJ) Vest 2.0. Singapore
The front shoulder straps offer ample storage. the top two grey mesh pockets need to slightly bigger to accommodate the size of newer smartphones. This has been addressed in version 3.0
Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek (SJ) Vest 2.0. Singapore
UD SJ Vest 2.0 fully loaded during the Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon 2016

 There is already so much written about this amazing vest that I won't say more apart from the fact that it really is a very reliable vest to use in training and during races. Capacity is sufficient to hold compulsory race items such as a waterproof jacket, 3 Clif bars, 4 Clif shots, 1 Clif protein bar, a packet of Nuun electrolyte tablets, an iPhone in waterproof case, 3 x Hydrapack 500ml Softflasks, a battery pack, headlamp, reflective vest and basic first aid kit.

Once fitted on properly, there is simply no bounce and follows your body's movement while running. The only niggle i have is that the two small zippered pockets at the bottom of the rear of the pack are quite hard to access while wearing the pack. I have occasionally strained my shoulder while trying to get stuff out of them. I believe the latest version 3.0 has addressed this issue.

If you are the sort that isn't that fussy on having the latest gear or if you are a runner on a budget, look out for the many clearance sales as Ultimate Direction is clearing the way for the latest version 3.0. This vest will offer you a simple and reliable solution to carrying hydration and gear on your next trail adventure.

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